An Active Member must:

1.   Reside in Tennessee or include outdoor-related activities, such as hunting and fishing, in Tennessee in work he/she produces for pay.

2.   Be compensated for his/her work.

3.   Work in one or more of the following media categories: Newspaper, magazine, book, newsletter, news release (excluding product publicity), radio, television, photography, electronic, audiocassette, videocassette, movie.

4.   Have as the focus of his/her work outdoor recreation (defined as any recreational activity or pursuit which is dependent upon natural resources and where enjoyment or preservation of same is the primary motivation for the activity or pursuit), travel related to outdoor recreation, or environmental or conservation issues. (Outdoor games such as tennis, golf, etc., do not fall under this definition for the purpose of this organization.)

5.   Upon applying for TOWA membership, submit copies of his/her work to a Screening Committee appointed by the president if requested to do so.

6.   Meet the minimum requirements in one of the following Professional Standards categories or in a combination of those categories.


Associate Members are persons (such as entry-level communicators and college students) who subscribe to the principles of this corporation but who are not eligible for active membership. An associate member does not have voting privileges, cannot hold office and cannot enter Excellence in Craft contests. The associate member can be appointed to committees.  


All Membership Applications, regardless of category, must be sponsored by an active, active-retired or honored lifetime member of TOWA. 




Textual:  Must write or compile text to be disseminated to the public.

1. Newspaper – A minimum of 12 published pieces per 12-month period as a columnist, staff writer, editor, feature writer or free-lance writer.

2. Magazine – A minimum of three published pieces per 12-month period as a full-time employee, editor, staff member or free-lance writer

3. Public Information – Minimum contingent upon the needs or requirements of the federal or state agency or nonprofit organization that employs the applicant.

4. Newsletter Editor – Minimum of six published issues per 12-month period

5. Book – Minimum of one book per 12-month period as an author or editor.

6. Electronic Publishing – Minimum of six published pieces per 12-month period.


Photographic: Must take photographs to be disseminated to the public.

1. Still Photographer – Minimum of 15 published photographs per 12-month period.

2. Motion Picture – Minimum of one feature (30 or more minutes in length) per 24-month period or two shorts per 12-month period.

3. Videocassette – Minimum of one feature (30 or more minutes in length) per 12-month period.


Broadcast: Must write, produce, direct and/or speak information to be disseminated through the airwaves or which is available to the public via satellite downlink or cable access.

1. Radio – Minimum of 12 broadcasts per 12-month period.

2. Television – Minimum of 12 broadcasts per 12-month period.


Artistic: Must draw, sketch or paint original artwork or cartoons and/or illustrate maps and/or technical material relevant to outdoor recreation to be disseminated through any media category or by direct sale to the public by retail or auction.

1. Artist – Minimum of three works exhibited or sold per 12-month period.

2. Cartoonist – Minimum of three published cartoons per 12-month period.

3. Illustrator – Minimum of three published illustrations per 12-month period.