Supporting membership in the Tennessee Outdoor Writers Association is open to individuals, businesses and organizations who share our interests in the outdoors and have a desire to share in and support TOWA’s ideals, programs and activities.

            Annual dues are $100.



Applicant _____________________________________________________________


Address, including ZIP code _____________________________________________




Telephone __________________   E-mail address ________________________


Person to be contacted __________________________________________________


Telephone ______________________  E-Mail Address _______________________


Do you have a web site? ________  Its address?_____________________________


Would you like TOWA to establish a link from its web site to your’s?  _________


            Send completed application form and payment for annual dues (or billing instructions, including purchase order number if applicable) to:


            Tennessee Outdoor Writers Association

            C/O Max Moss

            105 Creekview Drive

            Pleasant View, TN 37146


            Questions? Contact Max Moss at or (615) 746-5914.




Date Received _________  Approved By __________   Date Approved __________