About TOWA – Then and Now 


         For more than 70 years, following the example set by such talented and well-known industry pioneers as Nash Buckingham, Tennessee Outdoor Writers Association members have been recognized as leaders in the field of outdoor communications. 

For example, four have served as president of the Outdoor Writers Association of America (OWAA) and ten have served as president of the Southeastern Outdoor Press Association (SEOPA), which grew out of a 1964 meeting organized by TOWA members who saw a need for a regional organization.

Today, TOWA’s focus is the same as it was in 1942 when the association was founded: We continue to stress the importance of craft improvement, professional ethics, development of new talent, and fellowship among its members.  Ask and you’ll be told the atmosphere is not unlike that of an extended family because of the close personal and professional relationships fostered over the years.

Each year, generally in the spring, we have a conference somewhere in the
state. Highlights of these informal get-togethers include professional seminars,
our annual membership meeting, silent and live Education Fund auctions and
presentation of the year’s Excellence In Craft awards.

Between conferences, everyone is kept up to date with our newsletter, which is published four times each year and contains craft improvement articles as well as news about association and member happenings.

Still another major benefit is our annual Membership Directory, which contains invaluable contact information – available to members only -- about the individuals, businesses and organizations on our rolls. 

If you’d like more information about TOWA, contact Max Moss, executive director, at mmenterprises1@charter.net. He will be glad to answer your questions.